Hey there and welcome to the home of the Habit Hacked podcast. We are really pumped up that you have made it this far. Stick around for a bit and take a look around. We started Habit Hacked Media in the hopes that we could make a difference in somebodies life for the better. This company all started as a thought and grew into a vision and is now a full operating company. We started Habit Hacked Media in February 2017 with a podcast where we share our thoughts on personal development, entrepreneurship, and habits. We bring on featured guests that have made some pretty big contributions in their industries and in the world as well. Our hope is that something that we say will ignite a fire within you so you can see your true potential and can achieve whatever it is you want in life.

Our vision for this company is to grow our audience and network to be a worldwide organization that helps entrepreneurs and motivated individuals to take action today to get the results that they desire tomorrow. We talk to so many people that just don’t know where to start and they don’t feel like they have the support to really move forward with their ideas and goals. That is where we step in. We are in the process of creating courses and content that will allow you to begin with an idea and then turn that idea into something tangible that can be utilized as a vehicle to live the life that you want.

One question that we get asked quiet often is, “how can I support you guys in what you are doing?” At first we really did not know what to tell people when they would ask, but after thinking about what we could use as support from our listeners we decided that in order to continue to produce high quality content for our listeners we need to be able to keep the lights on and some way to cover the expenses that we incur each month. We feel that the best way to do this is by setting up a Patreon account where our listeners can go and make a donation to support the Habit Hacked movement. This allows us to be able to put our time and focus in creating content that will be high quality instead of just putting out something so that we can stay in business that probably would not really be worth much anyway.

Now we don’t ask for donations lightly and we know that each dollar that we receive is a dollar that was earned from the hard work of each member of our audience. We will do our best to put each dollar to work in a manner that will pay you back in quality content that will enrich your life.

So if you feel like this podcast has helped you in any way and are looking for a way to give back we have provided a link below where you can donate. Go ahead and check it out.

Once again we want to thank you for all of your support and especially for sticking with us. We will continue to do our best to provide only the best quality content that will help you in your journey. We know together we will go far!



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